Need a communication protocol for school boards and HU

Q.     Two part question about sharing resources: 1. Would anyone have a communication protocol that they use for communication between School Boards and HU? I’d love to build on existing template vs starting from scratch. 2. Do you use school mapping or assessment template to help you prioritize your schools? If so could you share?                  Julie              Sudbury District Health Unit


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2 thoughts on “Need a communication protocol for school boards and HU

  1. We have a protocol we use for School Board approval for health promotion items. I can share that if you like.

  2. Hello, Public Health Services School Program (2 managers and 2 school liaison PHNs) meets 4-5 times per school year with the superintendent from each of our 2 boards. We use a briefing note template for each agenda item that is completed and sent 1 week ahead of the meeting. Please let me know if you would like to see this.

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