2016 Forum

OHSC Healthy Schools Conference      

Achieving Educational Outcomes Through a Healthy School Approach

 April 13th and April 14th, 2016

 Featuring school health experts addressing:

  • Strength based approaches 
  • Resiliency and creative schools 
  • Youth engagement and healthy schools

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 Conference Presentations

 Youth Presentation – Unity Charity

UNITY engages youth 10 to 18 by implementing school and community programs helping youth positively express their stress and develop skills for success. UNITY empowers youth to make better choices as leaders, mentors and positive community role models leading to more productive citizens, safer schools, and healthier communities.

 Seven Habits of Happiness and Wellbeing

David Thomas Ekram. B.A., M.Ed., CPC

David will address the “Seven Habits of Happiness and Well-Being”. Positive psychology is a new and rapidly growing field that demonstrates what individuals, schools and communities need in order to flourish. Where traditional psychology focused on mental illness and emotional suffering, positive psychology aims to create more well-being, happiness and life satisfaction. David will educate us on recent discoveries in the scientific study of happiness, and their concrete implications for student well-being and success.

Presentation: Seven Habits of Happiness and Well-being

Growing Better People by Cultivating Minds

Michelle Chaban, MSW/RSW, Ph.D.

Michele Chaban is the founder and former Director of the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program at the University of Toronto. She has spent the last 35 years as a clinician,  teacher  and administrator, cross-appointed to the University of Toronto (Faculty of Family and Community Medicine), and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, the Centre for Bio-ethics and the Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work.

Michele’s presentation, “Growing Better People by Cultivating Minds”, will focus on the new sciences which support a compassionate and relational view of ourselves. Through specific brain exercises we can cultivate optimal minds, relationships and communities.  These brain exercises also cultivate health, wellness, and resiliency to optimize both student success and success of the whole school community.

Presentation: Michele Chaban Presentation

Key Strategies for Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture

What is the existing culture of health and education in your community? What are the attitudes, beliefs and practices that are commonly shared within each organization? If research shows that health and education outcomes are interdependent, then how do we foster change in our own organizations?

Participants will learn about some interesting social innovation ideas that are accelerating the impact of comprehensive school health, examine the strengths and limitations of our own beliefs and practices, and learn how to support engagement and critical thinking to foster student success and well-being.

Felicia Ochs, B.A., M.Ed., Wellness Coordinator , Parkland School Division #70 in Stony Plain, Alberta, supporting 32 schools in the use of a comprehensive school health approach. She has worked with multiple health and education provincial partnerships, and is an advisory member of Physical and Health Education Canada and the McConnell Foundation’s WellAhead Initiative.

Student Engagement Creates Healthy Schools

Ready Set Create! Empowering the Student Voice

York Region Public Health Unit

Students from York Region District School Board and staff from York Region Public Health Unit collaborate together to share their successes and challenges to youth engagement.  Public Health and the Board of Education have had a strong partnership for many years which has only flourished over the past decade.

Learn how the students from York Region District School Board work with public health staff to engage their peers and others to become engaged to make a healthy change in their schools. From the Ready Set Create! Contest to Lead-a-palooza student leadership conference this presentation will offer valuable insight into the implementation process for student engagement and how it can make a difference in school communities.

Presentation: Ready-Set-Create

Strengths-based Approach to Creating Healthy Schools

Julie Dénommé, CEC, RSW, BSW

The strengths-based approach has been gaining momentum provincially and nationally with people from diverse backgrounds and professions who are interested in improving the health and educational outcomes in school communities. This approach focuses on implementing resilience enhancing strategies, building and fostering developmental strengths and positive relationships. This, ultimately, strengthens the health and educational outcomes of the school and allows the whole school community to thrive. Julie will provide examples of the work they have been doing in Sudbury to enhance student success and staff well-being.

Presentation: Strengths-based Approach to Creating Healthy Schools