Making a difference

The Impact

Activities of the OHSC in partnership with other organizations have resulted in key advancements in Ontario:

  • imagesca4ykvlc‘Healthy Schools’ Committees and activities being implemented in many schools across Ontario;
  • Successful partnerships between school boards, public health units, and other organizations to encourage and support ‘Healthy Schools’ initiatives board-wide;
  • The establishment of a provincial School Health Coordinator as part of a national network;
  • Effective collaboration between the Ministries of Education and Health Promotion that has resulted in:
    • a Healthy Schools Working Table;
    • a Healthy Schools Recognition Program;
    • joint commitment to support implementation of the Foundations For A Healthy School framework that assists schools to become healthier environments.
  • Province-wide school-related policy changes (e.g., Daily Physical Activity, Healthy Foods and Beverages in Elementary School Vending Machines, Community Use of Schools, Healthy Foods for Healthy Schools, etc.);
  • Inclusion in the Ontario Public Health Standards of the phrase “utilize a comprehensive health promotion approach” in public health work with school boards and school staff.
  • Development of the School Health Guidance Document to support implementation of the Ontario Public Health Standards in school settings.


Updated, November 2016