OHSC Happenings


What we do

The OHSC emphasizes increasing the involvement of students, parents, education staff and communities in action around health issues, as well as creating conducive policies at all levels — provincial ministries, school boards and in local schools. The OHSC is dedicated to promoting the full implementation of the internationally and nationally supported ‘healthy schools’ concept across Ontario, through awareness-raising, capacity-building, knowledge-exchange of successes and best practices, and influencing policy development and funding.

  • OHSC supports regional ‘healthy schools’ initiatives in communities across Ontario. Our Core Steering Committee includes many leaders of these initiatives.
  • OHSC communicates through a membership listserv of over 800 interested individuals and organizations.
  • OHSC convenes four web-meetings and one annual forum per year. These meetings enable province-wide sharing of successes in various areas of school health promotion, and the identification of opportunities to communicate the stick-figurehealthy schools message and engage in strategic action.